Geoffrey Burgon’s 75th Birthday today July 15th

Geoffrey Burgon would have been 75 today.  A new album is being produced of his works that will be part of many new releases in the future by this prolific and dynamic composer.  Keep in touch to hear the news and music you have never heard before.

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Song Book, Radio 3 Interview with Iain Burnside, about Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson

During the archiving of Geoffrey’s recordings and manuscripts, we have found hundreds of books that he studied for his music, especially books of poetry.  Emily Dickinson was one of his favourite poets and he used her poems in many of his pieces.  He often remarked how her work was mystical. We found this book of her poems that is earmarked in several locations, a book well used by Geoffrey.  We will post a couple of these recordings for you to hear in the following weeks.

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Another shot of Geoffrey by his friend Martyn Goddard.  Geoffrey would savour a drive  in his Bristol after a days work on his composition.  It was one of his favourite ways to clear his mind and to come up with new ideas.

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Geoffrey shooting Bristols with Martyn Goddard

Geoffrey and Martyn Goddard would go on escapades with the Bristol of the moment.  They both had a fantastic time together on these photo journalistic  journeys.  Martyn photographed Geoffrey for most of his career and most of the photographs we upload on this site are by Martyn.

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Geoffrey Burgon’s Birthday

Celebrating Geoffrey’s 74th Birthday, July 15th.

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Dogs of War – Film Score Release

We are delighted to announce the release by La La Land Records of the  Film Music,  Dogs of War.  This is one brilliant film directed by John Irvin, who became good friends with Geoffrey.  Their collaborations had a magic that captured audiences around the world.  Their work together, remains timeless and has a powerful, riveting sophistication,  that is rarely achieved in cinema.  John always chooses the best actors and composers. On Dogs of War you will be able to see a very young Christopher Walken with a youthful buoyant score by Geoffrey.

We wanted to let you know how honoured we are to have released Geoffrey’s magnificent score! It is a wonderful piece of work and we are so excited to have produced this CD.

Warm Regards

MV Gerhard

Matt Verboys

La-La Land Records

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Bobby Kok

The Burgon family sends their deepest condolences to Bobby Kok’s family. Bobby played on Brideshead Revisited as well as many of Geoffrey’s television compositions. You can also find him on some of the Beatles’, Stones’ and many famous film recordings.
Bobby was one of the founding members of the legendary Philharmonia Orchestra and the Principal Cellist for the BBC Symphony Orchestra.
He was a great friend to Geoffrey and the Burgons and will be greatly missed.
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Geoffrey Composing, 1985.

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Geoffrey with his Bristol

Geoffrey had a passion for cars, especially Bristols.  He saw his first Bristol when he was a boy and he made his mind up there and then, this was his car.  Geoffrey would drive for hours to think alone about his music.  His love of the English Countryside, the Bristol engine hum and those solitary moments, inspired him and more often than not, brought light to his compositions.

Photo by Martyn Goddard.

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